Project Description

Swall Wildlife Preserve is open to the public. Please see the “Plan Your Visit” section of this page for more information on how to access the land.

Swall Wildlife Preserve protects an important section of the migration corridor for the Round Valley mule deer herd. Combined with adjacent land owned by the California Department of Fish and Game and Bureau of Land Management, and ESLT’s existing conservation easements in Swall Meadows, this 60-acre property helps ensure safe passage through the migration bottleneck for many species of wildlife.

Eastern Sierra Land Trust acquired this 59-acre property in 2011 in order to transfer it to California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), who owns the surrounding Swall Meadows Wildlife Area. This no-cost transfer was completed in 2020. ESLT is proud to have served a role in bringing the Swall Meadows Wildlife Area under unified ownership and the consistent, coordinated care that benefits wildlife like mule deer.

Plan Your Visit

This property is owned by California Department of Fish & Wildlife, and is open to the public. If you visit, please help protect the rich diversity of plant and animal life found at Swall Wildlife Preserve by following these simple rules:

  • Enjoy your visit on foot
  • Motor vehicles and bicycles prohibited
  • Pets allowed only on leash
  • Horseback riding prohibited
  • No harassment of wildlife permitted
  • Camping, stoves, and fires are prohibited
  • Pack out all trash
  • No hunting or shooting

For directions and information about the Swall Wildlife Preserve, contact us.

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