Project Description

Please note: Big Hot Springs Ranch is private property. 

Bordering one of the most iconic sections of Scenic Highway 395, Big Hot Springs Ranch provides substantial scenic value to our entire community.

It also offers habitat to numerous wildlife species, including a critical section of the migration corridor for the Mono Lake mule deer herd considered at risk due to recent habitat disruption and other factors.

In 2005, ranch partners Ulrich Schmid-Maybach, Glen Poulsen, and Andreas Rickenbach teamed up with Eastern Sierra Land Trust to protect their land for the future. They had watched the rapid development of residential areas near Big Hot Springs Ranch, and knew they needed to take action. So they decided to donate a conservation easement on a 75-acre parcel adjacent to Scenic Highway 395, ensuring that this section of their ranch would remain wide-open forever.

“Rather than maximizing development density per county zoning laws, responsible landowners should strive to minimize the environmental impact of any development and focus more on aesthetics. Doing so will preserve the ecological and visual integrity of our wild and open spaces in perpetuity for the enjoyment of future generations.”

– Glen Poulsen, landowner of Big Hot Springs Ranch

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