Lend a Hand On the Land!

This postwas writtenby ESLT'sEducation Coordinator & AmeriCorps Member, Catherine Tao. For more aboutCatherine, href="https://easternsierralandlines.wordpress.com/2015/11/03/welcome-catherine/" target="_blank">Click Here. With the weather warming up, it's time to get a bit of dirt underneath our fingernails and grease up those elbow joints. Eastern Sierra Land Trust has been getting out on our protected lands lately, advancing our ongoing work to conserve and restoreour beautiful Eastside -- rain or shine, or‚Ķ ice!. Now we need your help. …continue reading

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Breaking Ice at Benton Hot Springs Ranch

This update on ESLT'songoing restoration projectat the Benton Ponds is written by ournew Education Coordinator & AmeriCorps Member, Catherine Tao. For more aboutCatherine, Click Here. Here, I'm ready to use a pipe wrench to break the ice and access the water. With hatchets, pipe wrenches, and buckets in hand, our 4-person work team followed the well-worn path leading up to the pond at Eastern Sierra Land Trust's Benton Hot Springs …continue reading

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ESLT’s Sara Kokkelenberg Named California AmeriCorps Member of...

Sara couldn't believe it when she got the email. Along with several ESLT staff members, Board members, and supporters, shewas in Sacramento earlier this month attending the national Land Trust Alliance's Rally 2015. In her inbox appeared a message notifying her that she would need to plan a return trip to Sacramento - in just one week. And for a very good reason: she would be receiving an award. "I had no …continue reading

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A Day in the Life: Gettin’ Muddy at...

What a gorgeous day to put in some good restoration work at the Benton Hot Springs Ranch Conservation Easement! Photo © Abbey Blair We've been hard at work recently out at our Benton Hot Springs Ranch Conservation Easement, pulling cattailsto keep the ponds healthy and brimming with life. A couple weeks ago,ESLT Restoration & Education Coordinators / AmeriCorps Members Abbey Blair and Sara Kokkelenberg, plus ESLT Land Conservation Program Director …continue reading

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Highlights from the ESLT Wildlife Camera

Thanks to a generous grant from the Norcross Wildlife Foundation, ESLT purchased a motion activated wildlife camera and other photographic equipment this last spring. The motion triggered weather proof camera captures photographs day or night without disturbing wildlife. Throughout this past monitoring season, ESLT staff have enjoyed placing the camera on ESLT project lands with landowner permission, and downloading the photos in the office. It is a bit like opening a package …continue reading

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Repeat after me, “In 2011, ESLT . ....

. . . preserved 224 acres of critical wildlife habitat. Naylon Conservation Easement (104 acres) and Wilson Conservation Project (60 acres) preserves critical habitat in the Round Valley mule deer migration corridor, ensuring safe passage for the mule deer during their bi-annual migration through Swall Meadows. Willow Flat Conservation Easement preserves 60 acres near the Sonora Junction, including a half mile stretch of the Little Walker River. The property provides the West …continue reading

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Seeking Cattail Warriors

[10/12/2011 - We are no longer accepting applications for this contract work, thanks!] Eastern Sierra Land Trust is looking to contract with a couple hardy souls to provide assistance to a current restoration project on the Benton Hot Springs Ranch conservation easement. Specifically, this contract will be responsible for the removal of an unwanted aquatic plant species in order to improve habitat for important wildlife, and paving the way for an exciting …continue reading

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Enhancing Habitat for Native Fish through Partnerships

In early 2008 after working closely with several key partners, Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT), along with landowner Bill Bramlette, finalized permanent preservation for the important 900 acre Benton Hot Springs Ranch. This property includes numerous springs and seeps, ponds, and both wet and dry alkali meadows. The protection of wetlands and riparian areas is crucial in arid regions because of their role as critical wildlife habitat. The property is managed as …continue reading

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