Thanks to a generous grant from the Norcross Wildlife Foundation, ESLT purchased a motion activated wildlife camera and other photographic equipment this last spring. The motion triggered weather proof camera captures photographs day or night without disturbing wildlife.

Throughout this past monitoring season, ESLT staff have enjoyed placing the camera on ESLT project lands with landowner permission, and downloading the photos in the office. It is a bit like opening a package on Christmas morning, we never know what we are going to get!

We hope you enjoy a few of our favorites below.

From the Benton Hot Springs Ranch conservation easement:


California Quail

Greater Roadrunner

A few days later the bobcat returns.

From the Big Hot Springs Ranch conservation easement:

Jack Rabbits


From the Naylon conservation easement:

Northern Flicker

Stellar’s Jay

Round Valley mule deer

Round Valley mule deer

You can see more motion activated wildlife camera photography in the Mono Basin on the local blog, Nature of a Man: