ESLT’s Virtual Pollinator Garden Workshop Series

Before you break out your gloves and trowel, make sure to learn all about planning and growing your best pollinator-friendly garden with our Virtual Victory Garden Workshop series!

You can watch the videos below, or follow our YouTube channel to explore the entire series.

2021 Workshops
2020 Workshops

2021 Workshops

This series, ESLT’s Growing Together Pollinator Garden Virtual Workshops, is supported in collaboration with our local chapters of Master Gardeners, Audubon Society, California Native Plant Society, and Metabolic Studios. It is essentially created to help each other grow together as gardeners and a community to better support and restore our native and migrant pollinator species and habitats!

Establishing and Maintaining Your Native Plants: Trade Secrets from a Restoration Ecologist

Guest speaker, Julie Fontaine, is a Restoration Ecologist, Soil Specialist, community member of the Eastern Sierra and known for her compost tea, shares her knowledge on how to take care of native plants starting from the soil. She talks about ways to know your soil and take care of its health in this workshop presentation.

Gardening with Native Plants in the Eastern Sierra with CNPS, Bristlecone Chapter’s Katie Quinlan

Katie Quinlan is California Native Plant Society, Bristlecone Chapter’s Plant Sales and Greenhouse Manager and knows her native plants from seed to tree! In her presentation she talks about what native plants of the Eastern Sierra will work best in your garden and shares her recommendations and advice for folks wanting to incorporate or maintain more native plants in their outdoor space for pollinators and species essential to our yards.

Drip Irrigation How-To’s & Virtual Q&A Session with Roberta Lagomarsini

Drip, drip, drip – don’t forget to water your garden! Roberta Lagomarsini of UC Master Gardeners of Inyo and Mono Counties shares her knowledge of drip irrigation every year with our community. In this presentation she shares her wealth of knowledge on all things drip irrigation from how to set up, maintain, repair, and be resourceful with the water in your garden.

Virtual Workshop and Q&A Session:“Gardening for Pollinators” Presented by Pete Pumphrey

Pete Pumphrey, previous Eastern Sierra Audubon Society President, shares his wealth of knowledge in this presentation on gardening for the right kind of wildlife in mind. Pete generously shares the importance of creating a resourceful and safe habitat out of your outdoor space and what it means for birds and pollinators. He lends advice, tricks, and creative ideas from feeders to innovations for gardeners looking to diversify and populate their outdoor spaces with more native and migrating pollinators!

Virtual Workshop and Q&A Session: “Cultivating Creativity in Your Garden” with Roberta Lagomarsini

Guest speaker, Roberta Lagomarsini of Inyo and Mono Master Gardeners, gives a thoughtful presentation on garden design: where to begin, how to be inspired, and how to execute your visions. In this recording, Roberta shares her own experience and ideas of turning her outdoor space into not only a space for plants and pollinators, but a space for artistic expression, creativity, comfort, and functionality.

2020 Workshops

This series was created in collaboration with our local chapters of Master Gardeners, Audubon Society, California Native Plant Society, University of Nevada, Reno, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Reno, and others who help you relish that one of a kind, hands-on connection with spring, while bringing your garden to life.

Virtual Victory Garden Workshop No. 1:
What’s the Buzz about Bees?

Guest speaker Dr. Sarah Richman, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Nevada, Reno shares takeaways from her research about the challenges pollinators face, and how you can help by creating your own blooming backyard habitat. Hear her science-based tips and tricks for the best ways to bring your garden to life!

Virtual Victory Garden Workshop No. 2:
Go with the (Slow) Flow!

Join our special guest Inyo-Mono Master Gardener Roberta Lagomarsini. She demonstrates how to set up a drip irrigation system that will not only make watering your garden easier but will also help with water conservation.

Virtual Victory Garden Workshop No. 3:
Backyard Bird Bonanza

Your backyard can help birds! Join Pete Pumphrey, past President of Eastern Sierra Audubon Society, to learn how to create a garden that local birds will love.

Virtual Victory Garden Workshop No. 4:
Plants and Pollinators

Join Elijah Hall, researcher with the University of California, Riverside, to learn about the important relationships between native plants and pollinators. His insight will help make your garden the best habitat in town!

Virtual Victory Garden Workshop No. 5:
Soil Secrets

Watch this video for soil secrets covering compost and other vital soil elements for establishing your pollinator garden.

Virtual Victory Garden Workshop No. 6:
Marvelous Monarchs

Join special guest Michelle Hunt, Biologist at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Reno! In this virtual workshop, she discusses some of the challenges monarch butterfly populations have faced recently, and demonstrates how you can support these beautiful pollinators by creating important habitat in your own backyard.

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