ESLT’s last round of summer site visits were a bit more adventurous than those previously undertaken this year. For starters, the property we monitored was Crowley Hilltop Preserve, which overlooks Crowley Lake and the adjacent community from the south. This property is the most demanding to monitor: the Lands Program Coordinator and I had to vertically climb over 300 feet to the top hill, then scramble around the steep and sandy property boundaries, which border Crowley Lake Drive to the west. The views from the top are magnificent, though.

We erected two signs that denote the property as being owned and managed for migrating wildlife and scenic characteristics by ESLT. The land was purchased in 2008 with a grant from the Wildlife Conservation Board and the California Deer Association.

As a reward for our hard work, we discovered that the wet meadow on the Crowley Hilltop Preserve was lush and thriving. All the moisture coming down from the Sierra has really benefited the plant and insect life in the meadow at the base of the Preserve.

Come by Crowley Hilltop Preserve to check out the new signs and the beautiful wet meadow!