You may have noticed in our past two newsletters that we have added an ESLT member spotlight section. We love hearing more about our members and why they support the ESLT. In the most recent issue, we featured two of our many loyal supporters – Don and Jodi Sage. Check out why these two important community members support the ESLT.

Don and Jodi Sage have been members of the ESLT since 2004. “About ten years ago, we relocated from Southern California to this area because we love and appreciate the natural beauty, the changing seasons and the local community. We support the ESLT’s important work for many of those same reasons. In particular, we support the ESLT because we think it is an important and worthwhile endeavor to preserve these lands and prevent indiscriminate development. The Land Trust is doing a great job at preserving our lands and helping the local community maintain the quality of life we cherish.”

Don and Jodi are active members of our Eastern Sierra community. Don serves as Mammoth Hospital Board Chairman and Jodi has been active in the Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary. Don has served various offices in the Mammoth Lakes Rotary Club and they are both aficionados and supporters of local Chamber Music productions. Don is Board Chairman of Chamber Music Unbound and chaired the Sierra Summer Festival several years ago. ESLT is honored to have Don and Jodi’s long-tern involvement and support, they are inspirational members of our community!

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Don and Jodi Sage at their home in Mammoth, Photo by Tripod and Timer

Don and Jodi Sage at their home in Mammoth, Photo by Tripod and Timer