Get your Garden Growing

Celebrate Spring at Eastern Sierra Land Trust's annual GardenFest Kick off the growing season with Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT)! On Thursday, April 24th from 3-6PM, make your way to ESLT's garden for the annual "GardenFest." Attendees are invited to ask for advice from Master Gardeners, trade heirlooms in the seed swap, purchase plants from local nurseries and organizations, and much more. Plus, you can learn more about ESLT's latest launch the …continue reading

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Local Land Trust Documents Wildlife in Migration Corridor

Have you ever wondered what wildlife might be doing when you aren't looking? Eastern Sierra Land Trust set out to learn more this year and "capture" some of the wild visitors and residents of the important and diverse area known as the Round Valley mule deer migration corridor. With a small grant from the Norcross Wildlife Foundation, ESLT purchased a motion sensor activated camera and stationed it for weeks at a time …continue reading

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New Addition to our Lands and Legacy Weekend!

Lands & Legacy Green Creek Tour July 21, 10-2pm Green Creek, Bridgeport For those attending the Lands & Legacy gala dinner at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, we invite you to come explore one of the most beautiful and lesser known places in Mono County! ESLT is offering a rare opportunity to tour one of our current conservation projects in the Green Creek area. Participants will learn about land conservation efforts …continue reading

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Reserve a Spot at the Audubon Wild at...

Which Plants are Best for Your Owens Valley Garden? Find out at the Wild at Home Gardening Workshop Eastern Sierra Land Trust, Eastern Sierra Audubon Society (ESAS), Inyo & Mono Master Gardeners and Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care are proud to present the 2nd annual Wild at Home Gardening Workshop. Join us at the ESLT office at 176 Home St. in Bishop from 1-4pm on Sunday April 22nd to learn how …continue reading

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Enhancing Habitat for Native Fish through Partnerships

In early 2008 after working closely with several key partners, Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT), along with landowner Bill Bramlette, finalized permanent preservation for the important 900 acre Benton Hot Springs Ranch. This property includes numerous springs and seeps, ponds, and both wet and dry alkali meadows. The protection of wetlands and riparian areas is crucial in arid regions because of their role as critical wildlife habitat. The property is managed as …continue reading

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Local Families Explore Crowley Hilltop Preserve

ESLT's first Family Day was a huge success! Twenty people of all ages experienced Crowley Hilltop Preserve for the first time and learned about the plants and wildlife that live there. Thank you to everyone that participated and to our wonderful volunteers! I had a really great time sharing this property with the public. Everyone learned something about the mission …continue reading

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Bishop Third Graders Get Their Hands Dirty

The third grade students at Bishop Elementary School have been hard at work in ESLT's garden this spring, planting and measuring sunflowers, catching worms and rolly pollys, smelling sage and oregano, and learning some of our native flowers. Our project began in late April, when I visited the students in their classrooms and helped them plant seeds and learn about parts of a sunflower, germination, and the life cycle of …continue reading

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Thinking Like a Deer

Wildlife need to be able to get around too. Understanding this is simple; think about your own life. Imagine if you could not venture more than a block from your home. Sure, you could be pretty happy on the couch for a while, maybe even borrow some snacks from a neighbor, but what would happen when you ran out of coffee or had a craving for Thai food? What if you wanted …continue reading

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The garden keeps buzzing (and humming) along

Believe it or not, I once had a job that required me sitting for hours amongst the flowers, notepad in hand, counting the number and type of pollinators making visits to a specific plant. I found it quite meditative, though it probably sounds more romantic than it really was once you factor in the summer heat and note that the sea of flowers were the spiny heads of the invasive …continue reading

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Mixing up Bishop’s Nonprofits and For-Profits

Wednesday evening, the ESLT garden hosted the business community for a Bishop Chamber Mixer. The blossoming garden was a great setting to meet some new and old friends. With the 3rd-graders' sunflowers towering above, this mix of for-profit and nonprofit business representatives learned a bit about what ESLT is and how business is an integral part of a conservation easement. There are lots of opportunities to work together for the …continue reading

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