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Mule deer are an iconic species in the Western US. Perhaps you have seen them take bounding, stiff-legged hops through the sagebrush, or noticed their large, mule-like ears. Maybe you saw a mule deer from the Round Valley herd!

The Round Valley mule deer herd migrates seasonally between the valley floor in the winter and mountain meadows in the summer. On their journey, they must pass through a thin bottleneck in Swall Meadows. ESLT was founded to conserve this important migration corridor through conservation easements.

Join Eastern Sierra Land Trust and CA Department of Fish and Wildlife for an informative field trip in the Round Valley mule deer herd’s migration corridor. While looking for deer making their annual journey, wildlife biologist, Dan Taylor, with CDFW will lead us on an educational tour of the Round Valley mule deer herd’s winter range, and share updates and information on some of the challenges the deer are facing.

The Mule Deer Migration Corridor Field Trip is a free, family-friendly event. Please do not bring dogs, but do remember to dress for the weather. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided. Binoculars are recommended to view the deer, but they are not required. The event may be postponed if it is storming. RSVP here, please contact Gena, with any questions. The exact meeting location will be emailed in the week before the field trip. 


Thanks to Richard Bellamy for the usage of his photo. 

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