We are excited to announce a very generous matching gift of $21,000 from an anonymous ESLT supporter to honor 21,000 acres of land protected in 21 years!

This outstanding gift will match donations made for our August 25th Paddle Raise up to $21,000 – your donation will double while saving more land in the Eastern Sierra.

The permanent protection of 21,000 acres of Eastern Sierra land is a remarkable feat – one that your support has driven. This past May, the Centennial Point Ranch Conservation Easement in Bridgeport Valley secured the future of Bridgeport Valley as almost entirely protected from development. The wildlife that rely on the braided streams and emerald isles of the Bridgeport Valley will roam and fly across the region for generations to come, uninhibited by the threat of subdevelopment.

We have many more projects in the queue, securing more voluntary conservation easements on Eastern Sierra land, and also working to create a future for California that emphasizes climate change and equity.

If you would like to join us in celebrating what we’ve accomplished together, as well as help to secure the future of ESLT, please join us for our 21st Anniversary Lands & Legacy Celebration. We have an exciting array of hybrid events that will bring our community together to enjoy the magic of the Eastern Sierra.

If you would like to register directly for the August 25th Paddle Raise, please use the form below. The first $21,000 in donations will be matched by the incredible generosity of an anonymous ESLT supporter. All dollars raised will protect the land and wildlife that define this incredible region.