ESLT Stewardship Manager Sara hung a message on ESLT’s Giving Tree last week, while Communications Manager Kristen photographed her from six feet away.

If you live in the Bishop area, we have just the thing to help get you outside and lift your spirits. If you’ve visited our office at 250 N Fowler Street lately, perhaps you’ve already seen it! Our own Executive Director Kay Ogden started a trend of hanging inspiring messages on our tree out front. Now, plenty of folks have added their own messages and ribbons, and it’s become our own neighborhood Giving Tree.

We named the tree after the one that gives gifts to a little boy, in Shel Silverstein’s children’s book. ESLT’s Giving Tree is a symbol of hope, peace, community, and nature that you can both give to and receive from. To participate, you can add a ribbon from home with a message written on it, or you can use the materials we’ve left in our Little Free Library next to the tree.

Perhaps you’re feeling hopeful, or perhaps anxious. Our Giving Tree is a place you can hang your hopes, dreams, and wishes, and release them into the branches and into the breeze. We hope you’ll keep visiting the tree over the coming weeks to draw inspiration from the gifts it collects.

Kay launched this Giving Tree on May 5th, which was also “Giving Tuesday Now.” Giving Tuesday Now was a special, hopeful day when folks around the world came together during this challenging time to give to the causes they value. So in honor of this day, thank you to everyone who is continuing to care for the Eastern Sierra by supporting ESLT.

As we all continue to navigate challenging times, we hope that everyone in our conservation community is able to stay grounded by getting outside and connecting virtually with friends, family, and community. In every stage of the process, from distancing to tentative re-opening, we’re in this together. Let’s remember to keep taking care of ourselves and each other.