Cami Chavez has worked with our team here at ESLT for many years, and now we’re excited to welcome her on board as an official member of our staff!

We recently spoke with Cami to get to know her a bit better and hear about her life on the Eastside.

What are your roots?

I was raised in South Lake Tahoe until I was eight, when my family moved to Woodfords, California. I graduated high school, married my husband (of 38 years this year!), and we went off to college together. After college, we returned to Woodfords to run a business and raise four beautiful children, three girls and one boy. I’m now the proud grandmother of six grandchildren with one more on the way.

What do you enjoy about working for ESLT?

I have worked in the government and private sectors too, and I can say that working for a nonprofit like ESLT is my favorite – it’s so rewarding. I value ESLT’s mission of preserving land for future generations, and I love being a part of their team of wonderful people who all have conservation in their hearts.

Do you have a favorite spot on the Eastside?

My favorite place to visit in the Eastern Sierra is the Mono Lake Basin, Lundy Canyon being the most beautiful treasure of all. I love to camp and hike there. I live in Topaz Lake now, which I consider the Eastern Sierra as well. This whole region is so beautiful, and I’ve been exploring it for most of my life.

What are your favorite ways to explore?

I love to find new places to explore on my horses. I can honestly say that I have ridden most of the backcountry in Alpine County, and I have been exploring Mono County on my horses for the past 15 years. The Sonora Pass area is particularly special to me – it’s so untouched, and I love to go out in the backcountry, find a beautiful trail, and not pass anyone for the whole day. Finding areas where you can do that is rare today, but they are still out there if you go looking.

Do you have favorite wildlife?

Yes, bald eagles! A few of them nest at our lake and I get so excited whenever we spot them. I was kayaking on the lake in winter a few years back when the south end of the lake was frozen, which doesn’t happen too often. My friend and I kayaked over to the ice, and we had the pleasure of seeing three bald eagles fighting on the ice. It was so beautiful to be so close to them and to see them in action.

Thanks, Cami!