Janet Barth, or JB, brought her own tiny broom and pan to our Great Sierra River Cleanup. It was very effective at clearing glass from the ground. Go JB! Photo © Kristen Stipanov, ESLT

This month, we’re getting to know ESLT volunteer Janet Barth, or “JB.”

Why do you volunteer with ESLT?

I moved to Benton three years ago from Napa, California, where I volunteered with the Napa County Land Trust for many years. I was delighted to learn that there was a very active and effective land trust here in the Eastern Sierra. In fact, one of the Napa Land Trust board members put me in touch with Karen Ingram, who gave me the name of a realtor, who helped me with my house purchase.

Tell us about your experiences as a volunteer. What projects have you been involved in?

My volunteering with ESLT has been a great experience. It’s allowed me to learn the area, become familiar with ESLT, and begin to get to know some of the amazing people who live, work, and volunteer in the Eastern Sierra. Some of the projects I have worked on are flagging fences for Bi-State sage-grouse at DeChambeau Ranch, removing pi√±on pine to preserve Bi-State sage-grouse habitat out near Green Creek Road, and replacing cattle fencing in the Bodie Hills to make it friendly for deer, grouse, and pronghorn. I’ve also helped with several Great Sierra River Cleanups out at Keough’s Hot Springs and, oh yes, the mailings…

I was also delighted to discover the Pollinator Garden Program. The gift of many starter plants offered by the program and the access to knowledgeable people for how-to advice were greatly appreciated. A special thanks to Marie for making two trips to Benton – my garden was planted and certified last August.

What is your favorite place in the Eastern Sierra?

That’s a tough one. I’d say it’s a toss up between Mono Lake and the Hot Creek area, mainly because I’ve been making pilgrimages to these spots since I was in high school. Lots of memories – all of them good.

What do you like to do when you’re not volunteering?

I’ve been retired for six years now, so when I’m not volunteering, I’m playing. I horseback ride on Fridays at the Freedom in Motion Therapeutic Riding Center with the Ladies Who Ride group. I do the usual Eastern Sierra activities – hike, camp, kayak, snowshoe, and explore. There are road trips to other favorite spots such as Death Valley and Mojave National Preserve and local lectures, seminars, and annual events to attend. I also garden and have a long list of projects that keep me busy on the homestead.

Thank you, JB!


Welcome to our volunteer spotlight blog series, by Marie Ring, ESLT Education Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member. Throughout 2020, we’ll be getting to know more of these incredible folks who bring our work to life.

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Author Marie Ring is our Education Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member here at ESLT.

© Kristen Stipanov, ESLT