Will YOU Win this Framed Photo?

Join us by making a gift or increasing your recurring monthly gift by May 31 and you’ll be entered in our raffle for a chance to win this beautiful framed photograph by local artist and fellow ESLT member Alan Barlow.

It’s amazing the impact one person can make.

That’s because every time you support conservation, you’re planting a seed and seeds of every size can grow and bloom into something remarkable.

When enough of us take action, what an impact we can have on the future of this land you love.

Now is the time to act. Pressures to subdivide and develop private lands are on the rise. But there’s still time to protect the open meadows, thriving wildlife, and rural traditions that make the Eastern Sierra the special place it is today and it’s supporters like you who make it happen.

By supporting Eastern Sierra Land Trust, you are planting a seed of conservation that will grow and bloom forever.

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By joining others like you as members of Eastern Sierra Land Trust, you’ll make sure that conservation grows, too.

  • You’re protecting the open spaces and iconic wildlife that make the Eastern Sierra unique:

    • You make it possible for us to partner with local families who want to permanently safeguard their land from the threat of subdivision.
    • This gives wildlife safe spaces to roam; supports our region’s ranching heritage; and ensures that, generations from now, the Eastern Sierra will still be the rugged, wild place it is today.
  • You’re inspiring the conservationists of tomorrow:

    • By donating to ESLT, you’re giving the next generation of community leaders opportunities to develop deep bonds with nature.
    • From kids exploring in ESLT’s backyard to college students volunteering their time, they’re learning to love and care for this land, just like you.

Your actions have the power to shape the future of the Eastern Sierra. Please join our growing conservation community: your support makes all the difference.

Thank you for planting the seeds of permanent conservation. Together, we’re protecting the lands, water, and wildlife that you love.


Donate between now and May 31, and you will be entered into a raffle to win a beautiful, matted and framed photograph of Round Valley and Mt. Tom, taken by award-winning photographer and fellow ESLT member Alan Barlow.

Wherever you live, you can bring the beauty of the Eastern Sierra into your home with this timeless work of art.

The winner will be randomly selected on June 4th and be announced on ESLT’s Facebook page. One entry per donor.

“I feel more alive and real in the Eastern Sierra, be it the people, the sense of community, the challenges or the seasons.” Alan writes. “I hope to use what talent I have to awaken and inspire others to experience the same nature connection in the Eastern Sierra.”

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