This June, California residents will vote on a game-changing initiative in local conservation. Proposition 68, the Clean Water and Safe Parks Act, will put $4 billion to work to address our state’s most critical water, park, and natural resource needs.

This is the largest proposed investment in natural resources and underserved communities in California’s history. It is the first natural resources bond passed by the CA state legislature in fifteen years, and it did so with bipartisan support.

Proposition 68 invests $142 million in conservation and natural resource protection in our Sierra/Cascade region alone: more than any previous legislative bond measure.

The Sierra Consortium and ESLT

The Sierra Nevada region has suffered from a lack of long-term, stable funding to manage our critical natural resources and ensure the health and sustainability of our communities.

In 2016, ESLT began a partnership with six Sierra-based land trusts and the Sierra Business Council to come together to create a regional voice. Together we founded The Sierra Consortium with the goal of bringing greater investment to our region and to increase our region’s presence on statewide issues and policies. As a direct result of the Sierra Consortium’s work, Proposition 68 will bring unprecedented funding to support conservation here in the Sierra.

Good for the Entire State

If passed, this $4 billion bond will have far-reaching impacts on Californians living all across the state by helping safeguard against climate change impacts, making cities more livable, and protecting our natural resources for future generations. It will provide parks for disadvantaged neighborhoods and investments in the state’s wildlife, water resources, and urban areas. The measure will also increase drought and flood protection, supply clean water, and reduce the risk of large, damaging wildfire.

The Time is Now: #Yeson68

California faces a changing climate, frequent and severe droughts, wildfires, and reduced federal support for our land, coast, and water. Now more than ever, we need to come together to protect our environment and preserve our natural resources for the future. ESLT endorses Proposition 68, and we hope that you will too.

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