Who inspires you to care?Next week on Giving Tuesday, we want to recognize the friends, relatives, and teachers who introduced you to the magic of nature and taught you the importance of conservation.

“When I was a little girl, my Dad taught me that land can help your spirit soar. It can give peace, hope, and joy. Land brings people together – people like you and me.Today I work to save land, and I credit my father for helping me find this path.

“Next week is Giving Tuesday: the annual day for giving back to the causes and charities that make a difference in your life. This Giving Tuesday, we’re Giving Thanks – and we hope you will, too. I’ll be making a donation in memory of my Dad, who helped shape me into the conservationist I am today.”

Kay Ogden, ESLT Executive Director

So Save the Date! We’re marking next Tuesday, November 28 as a day to make a gift in honor or in memory of the people who have touched our hearts.

We call this type of gift a “Tribute” – and with your tribute, we encourage you to also write a dedication, explaining why this person is special, or how they made a difference in your life.It’s a great way to say Thank You.

“James Wilson, probably more than anyone I know, was the epitome of a sharing, caring soul. He loved the Eastern Sierra and contributed with great energy to its health in innumerable ways.

“James was dedicated and engaged in protecting and saving all things and places wild. This inspirational quote from James exemplifies the passion he felt and shared: ‘Give something back to the places that you love ‚Ķ Spend time cleaning or restoring a place you cherish. And, of course, take someone new with you!'”

Lynn Peterson, ESLT Member and Volunteer

When you make a tribute gift, we send a handwritten card to the person you’ve honored or to their family, letting them know you dedicated your donation to them. And if you make your tribute gift next week on Giving Tuesday, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page – we’ll be sharing the news of all the tributes we receive that day in real time, as they come in. (Don’t want us to share your tribute, or maybe you would rather remain anonymous? No problem. Just let us know your preference when you make your gift.)

Making a tribute donation online is simple and secure: you can do so by clicking here. We can also help you make your Giving Tuesday tribute gift over the phone – just reach out to Heather Freeman, ESLT Philanthropy Manager, at (760) 873-4554.

Your donation to Eastern Sierra Land Trust will help conserve the lands, water, and wildlife you treasure. And by sending it with a dedication, you give thanks to the person whose love of the natural world helped shape who you are today.

“I make my monthly donation in the memory of my father, Bishop schoolteacher Jack Reeder, who spent as many of his days fishing on our Eastern Sierra lakes as he possibly could.

“My love of this region was learned over the course of many happy days sitting with him on the banks. He believed in preserving this place. So my gift to ESLT is a fitting way to honor his memory.”

Sara Reeder Robinson, ESLT Member