ESLT would like to give a big thank you to Andy Seltersfor speaking about his photography over the years at today’s Brown Bag Lunch at the ESLT garden. Selters is a local photographer, climber, and jack of all trades extraordinaire who captures his vision as a photographer as well as he captures the physical landscape: “As an artist you connect with other peoples’ brains; If you want to rent space in their brains have a message that you’re sending.” He explained his love for skyscapes, “you look to the sky for hope, that’s our future” and generously gave away free copies of his 2012 calendar. The passion and excitement for his world journeys and his art was tangible. His hands swayed, adding unspoken adjectives to his imagery.

Bristlecone Pines and Moonset, White Mountains, CA

The life of a photographer can be mercurial. He says that he lets his eye and mind “play”, some days nothing happens and some days he can’t take enough pictures. We’re proud to feature Andy’s work in our Art for Conservation show at the G2 Gallery in Venice from June 26-Aug. 5th. This collection of art for sale portrays the natural beauty of our region and raises awareness to preserve our treasured lands. “Land isn’t just an amenity” adds Selters, ‚Äòit’s where we are rooted.”