On Saturday, August 13th, ESLT will open Crowley Hilltop Preserve to the public for Family Day from 9am-11am. As part of the Community Connections program, ESLT hosts events to awaken wonder and curiosity about the natural environment in children. If kids have fun outside and begin to ask questions about how the natural world works, they will develop a connection and become the next generation of stewards and caretakers of our land.

Crowley Hilltop Preserve is a 33 acre property near the community of Crowley Lake that was acquired by ESLT in 2008. The Preserve includes a meadow, a small stream, and a steep sandy hilltop with a diverse conifer forest. The property is important wildlife habitat and is part of ESLT’s ongoing effort to protect the migration corridor that the Round Valley mule deer use to travel from their summer range in the mountains to their winter range in Round Valley.

On Family Day, ESLT volunteers and staff will help families learn about the ecosystem of the preserve through playing games, looking for animal track and sign, finding wild edibles, making nature art, and exploring the land on a nature hike. All members of the family will find something exciting to learn about the ecosystem of the preserve and the land conservation mission of ESLT. For more information and to sign up, call Hillary at 760-873-4554 or email .