This land of little rain, soaring mountains, and green valleys expands across 14,000 square miles and is home to an estimated 30,000 people. Photo by Stephen Ingram

The Eastern Sierra region of California and Nevada is rich in natural beauty and a strong agricultural legacy. The threat of losing these globally significant lands was the compelling factor that resulted in the founding of ESLT ten years ago. Today, in a time of increasing pressures – population growth, economic restrictions, and climate concerns – ESLT recognizes the imperative for far-reaching comprehensive land conservation planning and action.

Where will the next ten years take us? Will a visitor to the wild Eastside in 2021 find sprawl and subdivisions instead of pastoral mountain views?

In the Conservation Vision, we discuss some of these threatening developments, followed by the programs and solutions offered by ESLT, envisioning how our next 10 years will help assure the preservation of this region of unique and incredible beauty.

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