Your generosity and vision for preserving the Eastern Sierra are extraordinary. This is an opportunity to make the world a better place.

Why? Because the Eastern Sierra with its expansive and breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife and critical habitats, and unique rural character is truly one of the world’s most important treasures.

Why? Because the cherished open spaces, working and wild landscapes, and recreational opportunities of the Eastern Sierra will disappear if we do not take action now to preserve it. The increasing pressures of population growth, economic restrictions and climate change threaten to destroy the very qualities of our region that are most treasured by residents and visitors.

Why? Because we cannot do it without you! ESLT relies on the generous support of individual donations, contributions from businesses and grants from foundations to continue our important land conservation work of preserving vital lands in the Eastern Sierra. Membership dues and contributions are a significant source of funding. With your support we can continue doing what we have done for the past ten years, even better, for another ten years and beyond.

A group examining the Inyo Star Tulip, in bloom for only two weeks each year at Benton Hot Springs Ranch Conservation Easement.

Where will these next ten years take us? Will residents and visitors continue to enjoy the wide open spaces that support recreation, wildlife habitat, ranching, and our unique quality of life?

Please help us to ensure that the Eastern Sierra withstands the pressures that can lead to poorly planned development, which could destroy the very qualities of the area most cherished by all. The future of our region depends on all of us.

Mono Lake as seen from DeChambeau Creek Conservation Easement

Every contribution made to ESLT is an investment in the future of our treasured lands for your family now, for all future generations, and for all the creatures who share these lands with us.

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Thank you for being part of the ESLT community and remembering ESLT in your year-end giving. Let’s work together to keep the Eastern Sierra beautiful and productive!

Karen, Mary, Aaron, Heather, Serena, Mignon & Sarah