Happy Birthday to the Eastern Sierra Land Trust community! This is a slightly belated birthday wish, as the ESLT was officially incorporated on January 29, 2001. It has been quite an eight-year journey that has taken us to some of the most beautiful places in the incredible Eastern Sierra, introduced us to amazing landowners, and given us the thrill of being integral to the permanent preservation of over 6000 acres in our region. Through this new blog, LandLines, I want to invite you to ride shotgun with us as our exciting journey continues. We’ll share our vision of a thriving and productive Eastern Sierra, with its beautiful working ranches, teeming wildlife areas, and the unmatched scenic vistas found in this “outback” of California. As we go, we’ll share news, interesting facts, epiphanies, and other tidbits from the daily life of a small-town nonprofit trying to make a difference.

Our goal is to engage you in the critical work of the ESLT, to hear your feedback and ideas, and to share our ongoing efforts to work with private landowners who want to preserve our beloved Eastern Sierra. As we go forward with our current land conservation projects, our education and outreach efforts, our exciting Art for Conservation project, and our ongoing land stewardship program, we want to take you along and make sure that you are part of these efforts that are shaping the future of the Eastern Sierra we all cherish.

Please join us, talk to us a lot, and be part of this necessary and wonderful long, strange trip. Our plan is to add a chapter to LandLines at least every week, each chapter to be penned by a different staff person or other valued correspondent. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


Mule deer on McAfee Conservation Easement, photo by Stephen Ingram

Mule deer on McAfee Conservation Easement