Fall Wildlife Activity

It is officially fall now and the nights are cooling down quickly. Aspen groves are starting to change color and the wildlife are on the move. We recently captured some activity on a conservation easement property located in Swall Meadows, we thought you would all enjoy some of these cool shots. [slideshow] -Aaron

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Sierra Nevada red fox

Lately we have really been enjoying sharing wildlife sightings from various conservation projects. One species that we would be pretty lucky to catch on "film" is the Sierra Nevada red fox (Vulpes vulpes necator)a rare native fox that occupies the wild remote corners of the the Eastern Sierra. I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn a little bit more about this neat animal while conducting background research for a few of our …continue reading

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Sharing Art, for Conservation

From left: Victoria Ortiz, Nolan Nitschke, Stephen Ingram, John Dittli, Karen Ferrell Ingram, Rick Kattelmann, Robb Hirsch, and Andy Selters. Photo courtesy of Jen May. Last week ESLT brought the Sierra Wave, Mono Lake and other Eastern Sierra treasures to our downstream neighbors in LA. Our 2012 Art for Conservation show at the G2 Gallery in Venice, CA opened on June 26th, featuring images of our region from 8 talented …continue reading

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Wildlife Migration Corridor Field Trip Slideshow

3pm - Pine Creek Rd./Hwy 395: The trip began with Aaron Johnson, our Lands Director, welcoming over 20 people to our event and explaining the itinerary. 3:45pm: We drove to Round Valley Rd. and Tim Taylor, a wildlife biologist from Department of Fish and Game explained the habitat, diet and migration pattern of the mule deer that winter in this region. We had some great questions about predator species and causes of …continue reading

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Preserving the Rural Character and Prime Soils of...

602 acre Alfalfa Farm in Hammil Valley Preserved Eastern Sierra Land Trust's latest conservation project is a beautiful farm tucked under the towering White Mountains, north of Bishop. Richard Moss and his wife Barbara have preserved their organic alfalfa farm, known as Cinnamon Ranch, in the Hammil Valley. The Moss' purchased the ranch in 1970, making alfalfa hay the primary agricultural product from the ranch. These long-time landowners retain title and management …continue reading

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Eastern Sierra Conservation Real Estate

This spring Eastern Sierra Land Trust is excited to announce a new program called Eastern Sierra Conservation Real Estate. We have been hard at work developing a new web page, networking with local real estate agents, and developing informational materials that go along with this program. Known as a 'Conservation Buyer' program, these types of collaborations are going on across the country helping land trusts achieve our goals of permanent land preservation …continue reading

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LADWP to hold Owens Valley Solar Power Public...

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) will hold a public meeting to discuss concepts for building solar power generation facilities in the Owens Valley. David Freeman, LADWP Interim General Manager, will be at the First United Methodist Church on 205 N. Fowler St. in Bishop on Monday, January 11, at 7 pm. Owens Valley stakeholders will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about LADWP's concepts for developing …continue reading

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What’s Happening at ESLT: Top Ten Things You...

1. We discovered an imperiled and beautiful butterfly on one of our preserved properties this summer, confirmed by local naturalist, Derham Giuliani. 2. Our first financial audit (voluntary) report card: No significant deficiencies, just a few procedural improvements recommended. ESLT has brought over $5 million into our communities in our organizational lifetime! 3. All our important records are now in a new fireproof file cabinet in a safe location offsite. 4. We're …continue reading

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Help Save the Sierra Nevada!

Your License to Protect the Places You Love. Submit your paid pledge for this special license plate and you will be protecting and restoring natural habitats, providing open space and improving recreation throughout the region. The sales of the Sierra Nevada License Plate will benefit the Sierra Nevada Conservancy which provides funding for conservation, habitat restoration, recreation, and other important and economically beneficial projects in the Sierra Nevada region, a unique and …continue reading

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Announcing the Art for Conservation Show and Sale

The Eastern Sierra Land Trust is pleased to announce our first annual Art for Conservation Show and Sale. This show features an alliance of Eastern Sierra and Oak Group artists portraying the natural beauty of our cherished region. The show highlights a wide variety of artistsin different mediums, all with a common theme, the Eastern Sierra region. We'd like to offer you apreview ofa fewartists that will participating in the show and …continue reading

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