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National Pollinator Week

Monday, June 21th – Sunday, June 27th

Pollinator-Week-Logo-2021National Pollinator Week is here! What is National Pollinator Week, you ask? It is a time for celebration and awareness of the health of pollinators!

Pollinators play a vital role in our ecosystem, food chains, and habitat well-being. In the United States alone, bees are essential to the 150 and counting food crops. And while bees are a quintessential pollinator, other pollinators that play just as important roles to the reproduction of plants include butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, bats, wasps, and flies.

As there are a handful of pollinators, there are countless native pollinators to California and some even native to the Owens Valley alone. The number of bees native to California reaches to about 1,600 species and about 200 recorded native butterflies.

In support of our pollinators we are going to feature a native pollinator of the day throughout this important week! Along with a little info about each special species, there may be a fun activity to do with the kids, family, or friends so keep a look out for these as well!

A big action that you can take for our native pollinators and species is planting for them. Certify your garden as pollinator-friendly with ESLT through the Eastside Pollinator Garden Project. Learn more about this here.

Let’s support our winged, buzzing, and busy native pollinators together!


Visit ESLT’s blog each day for info and activities on these featured pollinators:

Monday, June 21stSquash Bees

Tuesday, June 22ndMonarch Butterflies

Wednesday, June 23rdMason Bees & Blue Orchard Bees

Thursday, June 24thLeaf Cutter Bees

Friday, June 25th Hummingbirds

Saturday, June 26thGlobe Mallow Bees



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Please check back soon for new opportunities to get out, explore, and get involved in our conservation efforts here in the Eastern Sierra.