This month, we’re getting to know ESLT volunteer Pete Pumphrey.

Pete has been deeply involved in ESLT’s work for many years. He’s been a member of our Lands Committee, is instrumental in our Pollinator Garden project, has helped out on Stewardship work days, has led birding tours of our Black Lake Preserve, and much more.

Why do you volunteer with ESLT?

The Eastern Sierra landscape drew us to this place 15 years ago. The mission of ESLT establishes a bridge between governmental land and land in private hands, so that key landscape components are not subject to diminution simply because they are privately held. Put another way, is there any other view you would want to see in Bridgeport Valley other than the one that’s there? That view has been protected though ESLT’s work with landowners willing to preserve its beauty and natural function.

Tell us about your experiences as a volunteer. What projects have you been involved in?

It has been my privilege to serve for many years on ESLT’s Lands Committee. I have participated in the Eastside Pollinator Garden Project, led birding trips at Black Lake Preserve, done stewardship at Black Lake Preserve, and participated in sage-grouse habitat projects. I have met some amazing people in the process, have had interesting discussions about fly fishing, and been able to see the exact place where the creek that goes to Dog Town pops out of the side of a hill.

What is your favorite place in the Eastern Sierra?

It would be easier to name a least favorite place, except there are not any of those…

I am a devoted fan of moving water, so there are many creeks to which I return again and again, but I’m not telling where they are!

What do you like to do when you’re not volunteering?

I work in our gardens, cook, fly fish, hike, and paint, preferably en plein air.

Thank you, Pete!


Welcome to our volunteer spotlight blog series, by Marie Ring, ESLT Education Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member. Throughout 2020, we’ll be getting to know more of these incredible folks who help bring our work to life.

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Author Marie Ring is our Education Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member here at ESLT.

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