Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Photo by Gayyna Andrushko.

Giving Tuesday is coming up soon, on December 3rd this year! When you donate to ESLT by mail (P.O. Box 755, Bishop, CA 93515) or online, you’ll be joining a movement to protect special lands for generations to come. Thank you for caring!

And there are many more ways you can give to ESLT, too. Try one of them out this year:

1. Become a monthly donor. 45% of donors nationwide are monthly donors. By spreading gifts out over the year and making the giving process automatic, monthly giving becomes an easier way to support the land protection work you care about. Did you know that it’s also a more impactful way to give? Your automatic monthly donation helps save resources, so more of your gifts go directly towards saving land. You’ll also get a special, exclusive note from the Executive Director each month, updating you about goings-on around ESLT. Join our Bristlecone Grove Monthly Giving Club today and become a part of our sustaining team year round!

2. Ask your employer to match your gift. Many companies will match their employees’ #GivingTuesday donations. If your gift is matched by your employer, and is then additionally matched by a gift from a generous longtime supporter of ESLT, that means your donation to ESLT on December 3rd would be tripled! Asking your employer about matching policies is one of the easiest ways to protect more land with your donation. Use this tool to see if your donation is approved to work overtime.

3. Give through your donor advised fund (DAF). Donor advised funds allows donors to make charitable contributions that are eligible for tax deductions, and then to recommend grants to their favorite charities from the fund at a later time. Do you have assets in your DAF that could go right to work protecting your special Eastern Sierra places? #GivingTuesday on December 3rd is a great occasion to double the positive impact of those funds. And if you don’t yet have one, a brokerage firm or mutual fund company of your choice can help set up your new DAF today. Try Fidelity,Schwab, or Vanguard.

4. Plan a legacy gift. ESLT can assist you with your personal, financial, and estate planning goals by helping you plan a charitable gift that shows your love for the Eastern Sierra. Planned giving is a powerful way to protect this incredible region well into the future. Give ESLT’s Executive Director Kay Ogden a call at 760-873-4554 anytime for a confidential conversation about how planned giving can fit in your family’s goals.

5. Volunteer with us! Would you like to get out on the land, or hang out with us in the office? We have opportunities for everyone. Reach out to Education Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member Marie Ring at or 760-873-4554 for more information on how you can get involved.

6. Donate photography. Your beautiful images of the Eastern Sierra can help protect this region for future generations. Reach out to Communications Coordinator Kristen Stipanov, at or 760-873-4554 for more information.

7. Give tools. Do you have tools in your shed that don’t see the use they deserve? Perhaps our Land Stewardship Team can put them to use! Reach out to our Land Stewardship Manager Sara Kokkelenberg at or 760-873-4554 to ask if your tools can help care for the land you love.

8. Give office supplies. If you have office supplies you’d like to donate, please reach out to Administrative Manager Carissa Gospodinoff, at or 760-873-4554.