We’re getting ready for fall colors here in the Eastern Sierra! You can get ready too, with the Bishop Visitor Center’s fall color viewing guides:

How To Find Fall Colors And Inner Peace (PDF)

[Preview] Dear Fall Color Leaf Peeper:


This fall color guide will help you discover and monitor elusive and overlooked fall colors in the Eastern Sierra quickly and easily. Many visitors read the information below and tell us they benefit greatly from it. Like other fall leaf peepers, you can benefit as well.

Basically, botanical experts will tell you that fall colors are difficult to predict any given year. Much depends on…

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Bishop Creek Canyon Fall Color Courtesy Guide (PDF)

[Preview] Many Fall Leaf Peepers experience wonderful fall colors in Bishop Creek Canyon beginning in September. During the fall season, Bishop Creek Canyon becomes congested quickly with traffic and has become worse over the last several years. The high number of guests has created unacceptable impacts and hazards that affect public safety and your outdoor experience.

This guide will allow fall color enthusiasts such as yourself to continue enjoying the outdoor color safely and respectfully while ensuring that others can enjoy their experience as well.

Considerate fall color enthusiasts do the following to reduce impacts and respect the environment:

  • Carpool With Others
  • Park Vehicles Only in Approved Turnouts
  • Photograph Fall Color Foliage from Safe Locations
  • Find Alternative Locations When the Canyon is Crowded
  • Going to the Bathroom & Respecting Commercial Businesses in the Canyon
  • Learn to Drive the “Hair Raising” North Lake Road

Read more about how to do each of the above, at the Bishop Visitor’s Center Fall Color Courtesy Guide.

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