Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s
10th Annual Lands & Legacy

At Lands & Legacy Benefit Dinner and Paddle Raise, you will have a chance to protect what you care about most. The evening will feature several engaging speakers sharing our stories of success and inspiration. And, not to be missed, is our lively Paddle Raise: a way for you to champion causes that will have a major impact on the future of our region. With donation opportunities ranging from $10,000 to $50, the signature Paddle Raise will offer you the chance to lift your paddle high and make a gift in support of the conservation projects that you care about most.

Following is a peek at the Paddle Raise “menu” we’ll be serving up with the first choice as seen above! We can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend and walk with you on some of the land you have conserved forever. For more on the land tours for Lands & Legacy guests, please click here.

If you won’t be able to join us, you can still support the Paddle Raisehere.

$10,000 Hope & Resiliency in Nature

Some people spend their whole lives wondering what it means to be a hero. At the Lands & Legacy Paddle Raise, you will have a chance to save precious land and change the lives of wildlife, ranchers, and those in our community‚Ķ and become a conservation hero…

$5,000 Home on the Range

Imagine migrating for thousands of miles, only to find that the wetlands you rely on have been lost.
Consider what it means to have worked the lands your great-grandparents did, only to face selling it for development when you really want to conserve them. These families and birds, can’t wait.

You have the power to shape the legacy of the landscapes you love by helping to conserve critical lands before they are lost, forever.

$2,500 – Mule Deer

Mule deer face danger, drought, and hunger every day. Your gift keeps their migration corridors safe and restores their fire-damaged habitat so future fawns have a home to roam.

$1,000 Butterflies and Bees

Let’s keep the Eastern Sierra blooming with beautiful native plants! With your gift, you’ll be helping build pollinator gardens from Walker to Lone Pine that give butterflies and bees a place to thrive.

$750 Sage Grouse

Once numbering in the millions, sage-grouse are now a rare sight due to habitat loss. Your gift makes sure that working ranchlands provide safe homes for this iconic bird.

$500 – Weed Warriors

Once a property is conserved, it is our responsibility to make sure that its important values are protected forever. Your gift puts volunteers and staff into action pulling invasive weeds and restoring the places you love.

$250 – Sunflower Sprouts

By teaching local kids about the magic of nature, they will learn to care about our land and water just like you do. Your gift puts smiles on their faces and inspiration in their hearts.

$100 Birds & Binoculars

The Eastern Sierra is home to many fascinating and beautiful birds. Your gift protects their habitat and gets bird lovers of all ages out on the land with binoculars in hand.

$50 – A Safe Place for Dace

The Owens Speckled Dace is one of the few native desert fish that can still be found in the Eastern Sierra and to survive, these little guys need a safe home. Your gift creates havens for all our native species, big and small.

Two-Night Stay at a Crowley Lake Vacation Home

How does a relaxing quiet stay in this custom-built guesthouse with a year-round creek sound? Gather up to three of your favorite people as together you enjoy the hospitality and handcrafted charm steps away from Hilton Creek.
(One gift certificate for two nights at Sweet Water Hideaway valued at $375, donated by Jamie Della.)

We look forward to a fun weekend with you!

If you aren’t able to join us, you can still participate. Click here to support the Paddle Raise.

Thank you for caring about our wild and working lands in the Eastern Sierra.