Nature is full of magic. And in Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s annual Sunflower Garden Project, young boys and girls get the chance to learn how it works.

During the Sunflower Garden Project each spring, Bishop Elementary School third-graders visit the ESLT garden multiple times – where they play games and do hands-on activities that teach about blooms, pollinators, the growth cycle of plants, and more.

It’s a fun opportunity for these kids to get in touch with the natural world, and develop a deeper appreciation for its wonders.

This year, all kids participating in the Sunflower Garden Project got to take that excitement home with them, on paper, in their very own Sunflower Garden Project Journals. These journals are filled with lovely illustrations for boys and girls to color and learn from – all thanks to artist Cecily Foote, who generously donated her artwork to make these journals come to life.

Cecily has always been interested in the food system. She started working on farms in high school, and she was hooked.

She has spent her professional career finding a niche that combines her love of art with her drive to solve systemic food and environmental problems.

“A mission-driven project like creating the illustrations for these journals is a total blessing,” she told us.

“Having been around farms for so many years, I’ve really internalized and recognized the importance of pollinators. Educating kids about the role pollinators play is just something I will support in any way I can.”

“Art makes the world a better place. The world is more fun when it’s full of illustrations.”

~ Cecily Foote

If you’re interested in contacting Cecily about her customized illustration work, she’s open to exploring new projects – you can find her on facebook by Clicking Here.