This Spring weather in the Eastern Sierra is proving to be as unpredictable as ever. After a gorgeous 85 degree, sunny day yesterday we have 20 mile per hour winds blowing through the area today. Regardless of the breezy conditions, plans are full swing here at ESLT for a fabulous celebration tomorrow! We look forward to seeing our members and supporters at Benton Hot Springs Ranch to celebrate the achievements your support has allowed this organization to do. Food preparation is underway for a great dinner featuring buffalo burgers, chicken and veggie burgers. The hot tubs have crystal clear water that are naturally warm to relax all those hard workers and sore muscles! Artists will be capturing the essence of what this preserved land says to them. The fun line-up of activities will start at 3pm Saturday with a Natural History Walking Tour leading up to a tasty member appreciation dinner with live music. The festivities don’t stop there! Continue on for the campfire circle and star gazing party. Those camping or staying at the inn will be able to rise Sunday morning for a birding tour, breakfast or a bike tour in the Benton area. There are areas at the ranch typically protected from the winds, so don’t let that discourage you from joining us in appreciating this beautiful land preserved for future generations. All of the ESLT staff, board members and volunteers are looking forward to enjoying the weekend with those of you joining us!

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