The Round Valley mule deer herd is currently in residence in Round Valley, its winter range habitat. Join ESLT this Saturday for an opportunity to view these animals and learn more about their amazing migration through local terrain. In the morning, we will caravan heading north through Round Valley where Tim Taylor, Mono County Wildlife Biologist from the California Department of Fish & Game, will explain why this winter range and migration corridor habitat is so crucial for the survival of the deer herd. As we make stops on our tour and walk through the bitterbrush and sagebrush scrub, we hope to catch glimpses of the migrating herd. Bring binoculars to better view these majestic creatures and other wildlife!

We will learn about the valley’s vegetation and plant species upon which the deer herd relies for sustenance. These deer can become extremely malnourished from the challenging winter conditions and their ability to load up on fuel that will sustain them through the winter and the spring migration can determine the life or death of the animals, and their ability to reproduce. The viability of the winter range and migration corridor is crucial to the survival of this herd.

After our tour through Round Valley we’ll end up in Swall Meadows to eat lunch and enjoy the views together. After lunch, we’ll get the chance to explore the very first conservation easement donated to ESLT in 2003. This particular conservation easement was created with the intention to permanently preserve this important and beautiful wildlife area.

We’re really excited about this event! It’s a great chance to become better informed about an important species of our local wildlife from a professional wildlife biologist, while having the chance to explore a unique piece of land permanently preserved in our region. We’re hoping for good weather and even better visibility of the deer herd, so come out and join us this Saturday.