We have a great event coming up this week: our Volunteer Orientation for new and existing volunteers. This will be an activity-filled half day in which participants will get to learn about the exciting ways to help our community through service to Eastern Sierra Land Trust. Our mission is to preserve vital lands in the Eastern Sierra region for their scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historical, and watershed values, and we could not have achieved success so far without the support of volunteers along the way.

If you’re an existing volunteer, this is an opportunity to solidify your commitment to ESLT while empowering others to do the same. If you have never volunteered with us before, you can discover ways to help ESLT that match your skills and lifestyle. For everyone, this will be a great way to meet and connect with fellow community members with whom you share an important interest.

We have always received support from volunteers. In fact, in the beginning ESLT ran solely on the momentum of those who donated their time and energy to make things happen. Now we are a larger organization with full-time staff members and a broader vision. ESLT’s expansion naturally requires more volunteers.

So please come out and join us! We will be introducing some new ideas for the program as well as hearing fresh thoughts from volunteers themselves. It will be a collaborative session filled with a healthy exchange of ideas. Lunch and drinks will be provided. Hope to see you there!