Recently I spent two days at the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Program training as we collectively ushered in another 27 young, bright, and enthusiastic AmeriCorps members for a year of service. It is truly inspiring to be involved with a group of young adults that have chosen to give a year of service working in a local community, making a difference for their own generation and for future generations. In addition to reviewing policies and paperwork required to run the AmeriCorps program, we spent time discussing and planning for the important work these 27 volunteers will facilitate in communities across the Sierra Nevada.

ESLT and the Eastern Sierra region have benefited from the work of AmeriCorps members for the past 3 years. Whether it is educating local youth, hosting community festivals, or leading restoration work days, ESLT & AmeriCorps are getting things done in our communities. ESLT is pleased to introduce its newest AmeriCorps member, Sarah Spano. Sarah will spend the next year working with the community to provide education programs on the value of preserving our rural lands. Please join me in welcoming Sarah to ESLT’s family and our community. Welcome Sarah!


2009 AmeriCorps member working with Bishop 3rd grade class