Last Saturday 14 interested folks came out to our Crowley Hilltop Preserve to learn about working with Global Positioning Systems (GPS). This fun group had signed up for the workshop to become more familiar with their own receivers or learn more before getting one of their own. The group included people who had never touched a GPS before to those who use them regularly for work, and even a couple who is using theirs to travel the world, all wanting to learn a little bit more about this technology and have a good day out on the land.

Lets start with the basics...the Earth is round right?

The workshop kicked off with a review of the theory behind the GPS including coordinate systems, satellites, maps and more. The remainder of the program was designed to get people using their units successfully on their own to locate and navigate to locations using maps and coordinates. In the end, the participants managed to navigate through a GPS course in rough terrain ending with a special treat while overlooking views of Crowley Lake and the Benton Range beyond.

Getting to know a Garmin

Based on the great feedback we go from participants, we have been thinking about more workshops in the future, anyone interested? What would you like to learn how to do? Map & Compass? Landscape Photography? Quilting with Natural Dyes?