Project Description

Please note: Cinnamon Ranch is private property.

The privately-owned Cinnamon Ranch is a beautiful organic alfalfa farm tucked under the towering White Mountains, just north of Bishop on Highway 6 in Hammil Valley.

Cinnamon Ranch has a history dating back over 150 years to the first recorded landowner, William Hamil (original spelling), who founded the ranch in 1864. The Sinnamon family (also original spelling) were ranchers from northern Mono County who capitalized on the Bodie mining boom; they acquired the land in 1900. The ranch became a significant crossroads in Mono County, with a railroad station and county road. Today, this working farm’s agricultural value is protected for future generations with a conservation easement held by ESLT.

The alfalfa pastures at Cinnamon Ranch also provide important habitat for wildlife, particularly raptors. For example, the Swainson’s Hawk — pictured below, and considered a species of conservation concern — is particularly attracted to alfalfa fields. These raptors help farmers control rodent pests and maintain a balanced ecosystem.


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