We Want to Hear Your Eastern Sierra Fishing Story

A man fishing in an Eastern Sierra creek.

Photo by Rick Kattelmann. ESLT Board Member

Did you teach someone how to fish this Trout Fishing Opener? Were you recalling good memories from when you learned to fish? While gearing up for this fishing season, take a moment to thank and honor those who shared their knowledge and passion with you. And protect the special places that make those memories possible.

While you are out scouting for your new favorite Eastern Sierra fishing hole, Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT) is working to protect the land and water surrounding those places so they remain healthy landscapes and waterways for fish and wildlife, now and far into the future.

Today, many landowners are being pressured to subdivide vital lands. Once they are gone, they are gone forever, and the fish and wildlife suffer from the loss of those key habitats providing them with food and shelter. Voluntary conservation agreements provide permanent protection from development on these lands.

Protecting Fish and Wildlife in the Eastern Sierra

The newest ESLT conservation easement protects 1,741-acre at Centennial Point Ranch and brings the total lands protected in Bridgeport Valley by ESLT and partner land trusts to 15,000 acres. This makes it one of the largest intact high mountain meadows in California. Next time you drive Highway 395 through Bridgeport Valley, gaze upon one of the largest intact high mountain meadows in California and know that it will remain open for wildlife to roam and water to flow through – forever. These working lands benefit from permanent protection like this voluntary agreement with visionary landowners. Not only is the land home to diverse species of wildlife, the water is also home to aquatic life needed for the survival of those animals. Miles of the East Walker River and tributaries of Green Creek and Virginia Creek flow through this ranch and nearby protected land.

Ways to Give Back

Who taught you to care for the land and water that provides you with those memories? Who will you honor?

“I make my monthly donation in the memory of my father, Bishop school teacher Jack Reeder, who spent as many of his days fishing on our Eastern Sierra lakes as he possibly could. My love of this region was learned over the course of many happy days sitting with him on the banks. He believed in preserving this place. So my gift to ESLT is a fitting way to honor his memory.”

– Sara Reeder Robinson, ESLT Bristlecone Monthly Giving Club Member

We would love to hear your stories. If you would like to share your Fish Opener stories, stories about teaching or learning how to fish, or your experience with what fishing in the Eastern Sierra means to you, please tell us in the form below. If you have photos to share, please send them to

A family fishing by an Eastern Sierra creek

Photo by Ed Delany

Other ways to get involved:

Consider joining or renewing your membership with ESLT through the secure form below. And dedicate your gift to who you are honoring! We will send them or their family a card notifying them of your tribute, and gift amounts are always confidential.