Pollinator Gardens Are Blooming – Come See!

Have you heard the buzz? All across the Eastern Sierra, butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees are busy at their work - and what an important job they fill! Pollinators like these keep local gardens, farms, and wildflowers flourishing, year after year. Knowing how critical these pollinators are to a healthy environment, many gardeners are doing what they can to help butterflies and bees thrive. They're participating in ourEastside Pollinator Garden Project- and over …continue reading

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A Perfect Day to Celebrate Spring

Right from theparty's start, laughter filled the backyard. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds - as though curious about what all the celebration was for. Aromas of fresh-baked pizza drew guests towards the wood-fired oven, and acoustic music emanated through the crowdand over the fence. Younger guests delighted at the chance to pick outtheir very own seeds and plant them in small containers that they took with them. Adults had …continue reading

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What’s Next At Conway Ranch?

Spectacular views. Seeping springs. Homes for iconic wildlife such as mule deer, bobcat, and the Bi-State sage-grouse. This is Conway Ranch and thanks to you and community leadership, this special place was voluntarily conserved in 2014, providing a lasting connection to our region's history and economic identity. Now discussions are taking place to determinehow Conway Ranch will be managed into the future, and your voice can make a difference. A Strong Partnership …continue reading

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Spring is Here – Let’s Celebrate!

Spring is finally here, and the Eastern Sierra is budding to life. Are your ready to get your garden growing? At GardenFest on May 6th, join us as we celebrate spring, learn about gardening, enjoy live music, lunch, and more. To celebrate this season of growth, all of us at Eastern Sierra Land Trustinvite you to join usas we ring in the spring at our annual GardenFest! GardenFest Celebration Saturday, …continue reading

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Volunteer Alert: Join Hands to Restore the Corridor

Spring is well on its way here in the Eastern Sierra and that means the start of our field season! Eastern Sierra Land Trust staff and partners are looking forward to taking our work outside, teaming up with volunteers, and helping restore important habitat for local wildlife. Last year, volunteers Randy (left) and Bob (right) helped protect native plant seedlings growing in the Round Fire burn area by covering them with …continue reading

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Planting the Seeds of Conservation

Spring is headed for our garden... And the Bishop Elementary 3rd Grade kids are too! Eastern Sierra Land Trust is looking forward to welcoming young girls and boys to our outdoor classroom this spring. As participants inourannualSunflower Garden Project, local3rd graders will be joining us in the Native Plant and Pollinator Demonstration Garden at our office in Bishop. Each class will visit the garden several times thisspring tolearn more about plants, pollinators, …continue reading

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Rufous Hummingbird

Hummingbirds: Your Questions Answered!

The information in this post was taken from an article that was originally written by Eastern Sierra Land Trust members Tom and Jo Heindel for Eastern Sierra Audubon's Sierra Wave Newsletter. To read the original article, Click Here >> Hummingbirds are found throughout the Western Hemisphere - and regardless of culture, country, or language, people everywhere are fascinated by these amazing birds. Are you curious about local hummingbirds? Want to learn more …continue reading

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