We have some extraordinary news to share with you today. Thanks to the Hunewill family’s multi-generational commitment to conservation, and thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Hunewill Ranch in Bridgeport Valley is protected forever.

This historic 4,100-acre working ranch spans wide green valleys, rises to fragrant sagebrush steppe, and is framed by the high peaks that border Yosemite National Park. It provides critical homes for sage-grouse and a migration pathway for mule deer, and is a bedrock of the Eastern Sierra community and economy.

Together with the Hunewill family and with our funding partners, we placed a conservation easement on Hunewill Ranch. Now, history and habitat will endure in Bridgeport Valley for generations to come.

The generosity of supporters like you pushed this project to the finish line. We can’t wait to share more details with you in the weeks and months to come, on our blog and in our fall SierraScapes newsletter.

In the meantime, thank you to our entire conservation community for your support, and to our partners at Natural Resources Conservation Service, Wildlife Conservation Board, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Deer Association, and California Department of Conservation. We’ve achieved an amazing result together and couldn’t have done it without you.

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