Have you visited the ancient Bristlecone pine groves?

Found far up in the White Mountains overlooking the Owens Valley, they’re a breathtaking sight. As some of the oldest living life forms in the world (one has been dated at over 5,000 years), these trees have endured countless blizzards and droughts over the centuries.They’re a living symbol of the Eastern Sierra’s legacy, and their roots run deep.

A Hiker in the Bristlecone Pine Forest

Bristlecone pines stand the test of time.

And Bristlecone donors are people like you who care deeply – they want conservation to stand the test of time, too.

Our Bristlecone Grove monthly giving club gives you an opportunity to support local conservation year-round. As a monthly donor, you’ll magnify your impact on the future of our wild and productive lands. You’ll help make sure that the work we do together will last for generations.

Joining our Bristlecone Groveis simple and secure: you can do so online by clicking here.

By signing up, yourcredit card will automatically be charged each month for whatever amount you choose, starting at just$5. Andit’s easy to log in and change or cancel your donation at any time.

As a Bristlecone donor, we’llprovide you with updates on how your gift is putting conservation in action, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to lead the way.

“Conservation in the Eastern Sierra is important to me – but it’s all too easy to lose track and forget to donate until the end of the year. By signing up for monthly gifts, I don’t even have to think about making a donation. What’s more, I’m supporting a cause I care deeply about all year long. It’s what’s best for the Land Trust, and it’s what’s best for me.”

~Linda Anderson, Bristlecone Grove Donor since February 2014

Our heartfelt thanks goes to all our monthly Bristlecone Donors:

  • Linda Anderson
  • John Billesdon & Carole Newton Gordon
  • Brandon Byrd
  • Linda Chaloupsky
  • Christine Champe
  • Erica Chapin & Robin Roberts
  • Linda & Larry Emerson
  • Frances Hunt & Ann Strohm
  • Randy Keller & Mary Glenn
  • Margaret Marshall
  • Constance Millar &Jeffrey Wyneken
  • John & Marcia Moore
  • Kay Ogden & Jeff Boone
  • Sara Reeder Robinson
  • Margaret Songster &Terry Oden
  • Tony & Sherryl Taylor
  • Janet Westbrook
  • Wilma & Bryce Wheeler
  • Rob & Jennie Winterburn

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree