brynn-headshotBrynn Pewtherer is amember of Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s Board of Directors. She was introduced to our work by her parents,Tony and Sherryl Taylor, who helped found our organization in 2001. Brynn lives in Marin County with her husband, Galen, and their two daughters.

This holiday, Brynn shared her story with us about why she supports ESLT.

Why I Give

by Brynn Taylor Pewtherer
I give to Eastern Sierra Land Trust to protect the past, the present, and the future of the Eastern Sierra.

img_7548I give to protect the past and all my memories. The Eastern Sierra is the common thread woven through my family fabric. 40 years ago, my parents coaxed me up the trail to Chickenfoot Lake on my first backpacking trip. I was two years old. In those early years, they planted the conservation seed in me—hands down, the greatest gift they’ve ever given. As I grew older, I returned as often as possible to be with my parents and be “home” in the Eastern Sierra: during college for free meals, during graduate school to recharge; later, to marry my husband Galen at Twin Lakes.

And today, Galen and I are back in the Eastern Sierra to spend the holidays with my parents and share our deep love of this region with our two young daughters. I want to care for this place that helped raise me—a place that will help raise my own girls. ESLT gets that.

Give to Protect the Past


img_4526I give to protect today. There is no place like the Eastern Sierra, any time of year. Snowy peaks towering over steaming hot springs hidden in the sagebrush. Autumn aspen groves flowing like rainbow rivers down the hillside. The Jeffrey pines’ butterscotch wind on a warm day in the summer.

For many of us, it’s about the land—these breathtaking landscapes, and the fun we have exploring them. But it’s also about services that this land provides, free of charge: filtering water, pollinating plants, controlling erosion, sucking carbon from the sky.

If we protect nature today, it will be here when we need it tomorrow. ESLT gets that.

Give to Protect Today >>


img_4423I give to protect tomorrow. If you’re a parent (or know one), you know how important it is to invest in our children’s future—with education, braces (ugh), college funds, life insurance—to give each young boy or girl the best shot at a fulfilling, healthy, and successful life.

When our family gives to ESLT, we are investing in the future: not only for our girls but also for their whole generation—for the grandchild of a rancher in Bridgeport Valley, the son of a teacher in Bishop, the daughter of a firefighter in Mammoth.

ESLT gets that too. When I give to ESLT, I’m protecting land with people, with families. Protecting land for communities. Protecting land for our future. Sustaining the places and communities that fill us up—again and again—just makes sense. Let’s all give back.

img_0013Galen and I look forward to raising 3rd generation Eastern Sierra conservationists way over here on the coast, with regular trips east to let them soak in the best place on earth.

Give to Protect Tomorrow

Please join us this year and every year in supporting ESLT.

Happiest of Holidays to you,