Owens Valley Scalebud flowers in bloom

Trees are budding, birds are returning and filling the air with their melodies, plants are starting to green up, and color is popping up from bulbs in gardens. Spring is being ushered into the Eastern Sierra as the ‚Äòofficial’ first day approaches! Here, at ESLT, we are anticipating a great season with lots of activity in our garden and on the land.

  • We’ll kick it off with a Garden Fest to celebrate the start of the growing season on April 21st. Join us to plant seeds and hear about what is planned in the local gardening scene.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the privately owned Black Lake in the Eastern Mono County’s Adobe Valley on Saturday, April 10th. This field trip, in conjunction with Eastern Sierra Audubon Society, will spotlight migrant waterbirds, wildlife and native plants.
  • The Garden Share program is gearing up to connect gardeners who need growing space with those who have extra space. Matches will be made at the end of April so let us know if you are interested.

As we all shake off our winter coats and get ready for a warmer, more colorful spring season, we look forward to seeing you at these and other exciting ESLT events this year. Hope you will join us!

Photography © Stephen Ingram