Breaking News: Historic Sinnamon Meadows Property now Permanently...

1,240 Acres of Ranch Land and Important Wildlife Habitat Preserved Forever! Eastern Sierra Land Trust has achieved another success in its efforts to preserve the Eastern Sierra's cherished landscapes. ESLT is thrilled to announce the permanent protection of Sinnamon Meadows, a stunning expanse of historic ranchland in northern Mono County. The 1,240-acre property's working lands, extensive wetlands, natural springs, and vital animal habitat are now protected forever with an agricultural conservation easement …continue reading

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Local Land Trust Documents Wildlife in Migration Corridor

Have you ever wondered what wildlife might be doing when you aren't looking? Eastern Sierra Land Trust set out to learn more this year and "capture" some of the wild visitors and residents of the important and diverse area known as the Round Valley mule deer migration corridor. With a small grant from the Norcross Wildlife Foundation, ESLT purchased a motion sensor activated camera and stationed it for weeks at a time …continue reading

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Have you seen this bird?

The greater sage-grouse has been in the news a little bit lately, and is likely to be getting quite a bit more attention in the next few years. These interesting birds are the largest grouse to occur in North America, and their unique appearance (who doesn't love a bird with yellow eyebrows) and courtship displays have made them a favorite amongst folks who are willing to brave freezing pre-dawn spring mornings for …continue reading

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Owens Lake – Bird Mecca

ESLT has participated in the Owens Lake Master Plan process for the past two years - and this story illustrates one of the reasons why: Owens Lake has returned to being significant habitat for many species of birds. The City of Los Angeles has rewatered a large portion of the lake for dust control and the birds have returned! Read on for a wonderful account of the Audubon Society's recent Owens Lake …continue reading

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Reserve a Spot at the Audubon Wild at...

Which Plants are Best for Your Owens Valley Garden? Find out at the Wild at Home Gardening Workshop Eastern Sierra Land Trust, Eastern Sierra Audubon Society (ESAS), Inyo & Mono Master Gardeners and Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care are proud to present the 2nd annual Wild at Home Gardening Workshop. Join us at the ESLT office at 176 Home St. in Bishop from 1-4pm on Sunday April 22nd to learn how …continue reading

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The 11 Layers of an Onion – An...

On Tue., March 27th my roommate Elsbeth and I rode our bikes to Rick Devore's 100% organic Apple Hill Farm. I was fulfilling an AmeriCorps requirement to volunteer at a farm to celebrate Cesar Chavez Day. Elsbeth is simply a great human being and wanted to help. We were greeted at the end of the driveway by a spry Belgian shepherd and an adorable golden retriever graying at the nose. …continue reading

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Looking Back on My AmeriCorps Year at ESLT

As my AmeriCorps year comes to an end, I almost feel like I just started at ESLT! It's probably because the year has been a whirlwind of activity and exciting new experiences. My recent AmeriCorps graduation gave me an opportunity to reflect on my time here, and on the impact of the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) in general. The SNAP Program places 27 talented and creative young people at different environmental …continue reading

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Enhancing Habitat for Native Fish through Partnerships

In early 2008 after working closely with several key partners, Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT), along with landowner Bill Bramlette, finalized permanent preservation for the important 900 acre Benton Hot Springs Ranch. This property includes numerous springs and seeps, ponds, and both wet and dry alkali meadows. The protection of wetlands and riparian areas is crucial in arid regions because of their role as critical wildlife habitat. The property is managed as …continue reading

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Willow Flat Easement: Critical Wildlife Habitat Preserved

written by David Woodruff, ESLT Deputy Director Eastern Sierra landowner Tina Bundy Nappe and her family have permanently preserved her 60 acres for future generations. Her land, know as Willow Flat, which includes a half a mile of the Little Walker River, has now been preserved with a conservation easement, a voluntary binding land protection agreement between the landowner and Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT). The Nappe family retains ownership and management …continue reading

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Sharing the Natural Wonder of Benton Hot Springs...

written by Piper Wright, ESLT high school intern Educating both children and adults about the value of land conservation is an important part of ESLT's mission. The various conservation lands that ESLT has can be an excellent educational tool: getting young children out on the land can spark their interest in wildlife and the natural world around them. Our project began in early February with an idea to partner with the Eastern …continue reading

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